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This book is a pioneer in providing lasting solutions to an unending quest by students all over the world in finding a simpler way of passing the PMP exams.

If you have decided to appear for Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam, you deserve more than a pat on the back for taking your time to study for and actually sit for the exam. A lot of students have thought about it, and never really come through with the decision. Therefore consider yourself to have made a great career changing decision.

This book has been written with the view of helping you study for your PMP exam and passing it. The main aim of this book is to make sure that you find it easy to get through the exam with ease by planning well for your time, and doing the right things that will set you in the right direction within as short a time, and without stressing yourself too much.
In as much as there are so many articles or blogs that have in the recent past been released that cover several topics, you can rest assured that this book is as a matter of fact more than that. The amount of research that has been put into this book is not from fictional characters, but from more than 12,000 persons who have had an experience with the PMP exam. This therefore means that the illustrations in this book are as real as can be, and you can surely relate to them. Their contribution to the development of this book have been effectively tested, and satisfactorily approved as a guideline with which this book can be written.
There are two sections in this book:-
• For PMP Certification
• For PMP Exam

For PMP Certification
This section covers the topics that will play a major role in making sure that you accomplish your PMP Certification. There are a number of highlights that are covered in this section, including the following:-

– Making the case for PMP Certification
– How to pass PMP Exam in 2 months
– What to check in training institute for 35 contact hours
– How to apply SWOT analysis in PMP Certification
– Winning habits of “The Super Successful” PMP

For PMP Exam
This section covers all you would like to know about the PMP Exam. This is very important as it enables you ease off the pressure of studying too hard. Some of the contents that are covered in this section include:-

– 10 myths which if clarified can change how you prepare for PMP Exam
– Read this cheat sheet just 2 hours before the exam
– Million dollar bet, do these 10 little things and you are destined to fail
– Sure Shot 50 Questions In The Exam
– 20 dirty tricks during the exam, even PM Authority won’t sanction it
– Magic Formula to Solve Multi-Choice Questions In Exam, an 8 Step Approach
– PMP Exam Revision Table
– How to complete your test in 2 ½ hours
– Link to 5,000+ online question answers

The topics in this book have been made precise and direct enough so that you can make good use of all the material as you seek your certification.

For best results, Susan Wise Bauer (a famous author, writer, instructor, and founder) said there are some books to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. This book is for you to chew and digest if you want to pass the PMP Exam quickly and with ease.
Sole purpose of this book is to help PMP aspirants like you pass the exam in shortest and easiest way.