• Are you still struggling to know how to prepare and pass PMP

    Exam in your first attempt?

  • Are you clear of all the myths that surrounds the PMP Certification?

  • How many weeks or months will it take for you to pass the exam?

  • Do you have your study plan in place?

  • Do you know how to choose an institute for 35 contact hours?

  • Have you gone through some of the lessons learned?

  • Do you know why some call themselves “A Super Successful PMP”? 

            Discover the secret of passing the PMP(c) Exam in your first attempt!

Dear PMP Aspirant,

If you have decided to appear for Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam, you deserve more than a pat on the back for taking your time to study for and actually sit for the exam. A lot of students have thought about it, and never really come through with the decision. Therefore consider yourself to have made a great career changing decision.

If you want to pass the PMP Exam in shortest possible time and with ease, you have come to the right place. “Outwitting The PMP Exam” is a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the path to acquire PMP Certificate in the most shortest, efficient and successful way. This book is a pioneer in providing lasting solutions to an unending quest by students all over the world in finding a simpler way of passing the PMP exams.

This Is Your Ticket To PMP Certifications

This book has been written with the view of helping you study for your PMP exam and passing it. The main aim of this book is to make sure that you find it easy to get through the exam with ease by planning well for your time, and doing the right things that will set you in the right direction within as short a time, and without stressing yourself too much.

In as much as there are so many articles or blogs that have in the recent past been released that cover several topics, you can rest assured that this book is as a matter of fact more than that. The amount of research that has been put into this book is not from fictional characters, but from more than 12,000 persons who have had an experience with the PMP exam and some are still in the process of acquiring the certification. This therefore means that the illustrations in this book are as real as can be, and you can surely relate to them. Their contribution to the development of this book have been effectively tested, and satisfactorily approved as a guideline with which this book can be written.

What It Consists Of?

It consists of topics that will help you Outwit (aka Outsmart) the PMP Exam. The guide is divided into two parts. i.e. 1) PMP Certification and 2) PMP Exam

It is a guide:

  • that tells you why PMP Certification is important for individual success and prosperity
  • with unique contents to help PMP Aspirants pass the PMP Exam with ease and in short time
  • that inspires you, walks you through the PMI process and remains with you until you won’t achieve the PMP Certification
  • that assists you in finding the right institute for 35 contact hours
  • that shows how to pass PMP Exam in 2 months
  • that shows what will make you “A Super Successful PMP Certified”
  • that will clarify 10 most critical myths of the PMP exam
  • with a cheat sheet, that’s the only thing you need to read on the day of exam
  • that challenges you to do those things and you are destined to fail in the PMP Exam
  • that lists down 50 sure shot type of questions in the exam
  • that will show you 20 dirty tricks during the exam, even PM Authority won’t authorize it
  • that educates you with the magic formula to solve multi-choice questions, an 8 step approach
  • that handles you key to how to complete your exam in 2 ½ hours
  • that helps you analyze your strong points to maximize on them, weaknesses so you can find ways of dealing with them, opportunities you can take advantage of, and threats that you should be wary of, and ready to tackle in the event that you are caught unaware during the PMP exam
  • and many more

With so many topics, should I say it is a guide? No, it should be called a holy grail of how to pass the PMP exam in your first attempt.

That is why we call it “Outwitting (aka outsmarting) The PMP Exam”.

I recently passed the PMP Exam. I highly recommend this book for the PMP exam. I read the Rita exam prep, pmbok, then followed up reading this book twice and working all the practice exam questions over and over again. I believe all the plans I needed was in this book.
Christopher L.


This is an excellent one. I just found out this on the last day before my exam. If I had known this before, I would have had more confidence in writing the exam.
Sukhi C.


I am scheduled for the exam but I am already confidence of passing it with proficiency. I liked several topics from the book but my favorite is “Planning for Study” and “Cheat Sheet”.
Shankaran P.


I was not having much time. Either within one month or after one year due to project go-live. I religiously followed the instructions in the book and I appeared for exam in one month. Krudos to the information in the book. It helped me finish my test in 3 hours with most of the results as “Proficient”. Without Outwitting, it would have been impossible.
Kevin S.


Thank You Thank You Thank You. What a wonderful guide. I passed my PMP and I have recommended Outwitting to many of my co-workers and friends. Thank You and keep up the good work.
Chi L.



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